Visual Scribe - Live Events

‘“Prophetic Painting” is being sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is doing in a particular time and space, and faithfully capturing that on canvas.’

Visual Scribe- A scribe documents what unfolds before him or her, retaining a posture of alert sensitivity and working quickly and accurately to capture the moment.  As a "visual scribe", I employ my artistic gifts to capture the spirit of a moment in color, line, and form rather than words.  My role has led me to serve communities during conferences, worship services, concerts, weddings, funerals, and other special events.  My unique specialty is transcribing God's Word and real time presence into memorial images during worshipful gatherings.  Is there a way I can serve you through an artistic collaborate to capture a significant moment?

Selected Gallery

Prices for live events are calculated by the nature of the artwork and the specifics of the event.  Please contact me directly to share your vision and determine if a collaboration is possible.  I bring all my own materials and will build a custom wooden canvas for your event that you keep as part of the package, and the acrylic paints will dry within minutes of the work's completion.  Prices typically start around $500 for a several hour project, and increase with the size of the work, distance of travel, or duration of the event.  It is a great honor for me to prayerfully collaborate with you, and if I am available, I will be happy to negotiate details to try and work within your budget and aspirations.  These opportunities regularly reveal God's glory to the participating viewers, and I have found it meaningful to coordinate ahead of time with event leaders to share about the work at the close of the event.  

Bryn Gillette - the artist behind the art "Give me This Mountain" Music by Graham Kendrick

Bryn Gillette - the artist behind the art "Give me This Mountain" Music by Graham Kendrick